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Music Immersion Experience Instructional Staff

TK/Kinder Team


Brian Cannady


Victor Burguan


Robert Cartwright

1st Grade Team


Iwen Chuang


Jonathan Valdez


Paulina Nunez

2nd Grade Team


Brian Cannady


Erika Salas

Alex Sotelo

3rd Grade Team


Sara Jones


Victor Burguan

Michael Urquidi



Argenta Walther

SDC, Choral, TLC



Angeline Tran, Lead


Eileen Tran

4th and 5th  Grade Team


Albert Burrola Orchestra

Anthony Burrola 



Robert Cartwright



Jason Chavez 



Nicole George



We are grateful to the following for their generous support of the MIE Program

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D'Addario Foundation

The D'Addario Foundation has supported the MIE program since 2018 with a cash grant and music education products. We are so grateful to this phenomenal foundation and company!  WEBSITE

J. Brown Violin Maker

All stringed instruments used by the MIE program were carefully selected, and set up by J Brown Violin Maker in Claremont, CA. The instruments were then provided at a deep discount to the program. The company has a long history of supporting music education. For more information, please visit their WEBSITE.  

Guitar Center.png

Guitar Center Foundation

2020 - Donation of over 30 instruments: Guitars, electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars, amplifiers, tuners, and stands to support the MIE expansion to Del Mar High School.  WEBSITE.  

Instrument and Equipment Donations

A Very Special Thank You to the following people for their generous support of our program through instrument donations. 

  • Dr. Gary Scott, President, San Gabriel Unified School District Board of Directors           Flute, and Trumpet, and trombone for the Roosevelt Band

  • Dave and Anne Fruehling - Electric Guitar, Electric Bass,stands, and cables for the Roosevelt Rock Band

  • Andrea Szeredy - Donation of over $9,000 worth of Instruments and musical equipment!

Fundamental Period

          The fundamental period begins at the end of the traditional school day and consists of the following: Transitional and traditional kindergarten students receive daily general music lessons. Students in grades 1-3 receive lessons in violin, and vocal/general music. 4th and 5th graders choose between woodwind, brass, or a string instruments to receive group lessons on, and also have choir and percussion classes. 

Fundamental Period Daily Schedule

TK/K Daily Schedule:

  • Every Day, General Music is provided by a Resident Artist from 1:50-2:20 (Wed 1:05-1:30)

1st-3rd Grade Fundamental Period 2:25-3:25 (1:30-2:30 W)

4th and 5th Grade Fundamental Period: 3:100-4:00 (1:30-2:30 W)

        After the fundamental period, students in 2nd-5th grade can choose up to 2 elective classes that meet 2 or 3 times weekly. Choices include: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Percussion Ensemble, Camerata, Handbell Choir, Dance, Rock Band, Mariachi, Folklorico, and PreBand

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Electives Period Daily Schedule

2nd and 3rd Grade M/W/F Electives

3:25-4:00 PM (2:20-3:00 PM W)

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Handbell Choir

  • Dance

  • Pre Band

  • Guitar

  • Piano

2nd and 3rd Grade T/Th Electives

3:25-4:00 PM​​

  • Ukulele

  • Folklorico

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Camerata

4th and 5th Grade M/W/F Electives

4:00-4:45 PM (2:20-3:00 PM W)​​

  • Guitar

  • Mariachi Band

  • Piano

  • Dance

  • Handbell Choir

4th and 5th Grade T/Th Electives

4:00-4:45 PM ​​

  • Ukulele

  • Rock Band

  • Folklorico

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Camerata

About MIE

          The Music Immersion Experience Program at Roosevelt Elementary School in San Gabriel is a tuition free, comprehensive music program provided for every student, every day at Roosevelt Elementary School in San Gabriel, California. The models of El Sistema, Harmony Project, The Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, as well as traditional, local programs, were used in the careful development of this program. 


         The MIE program consists of a "fundamental period," which all students participate in automatically, and an "elective period," which students in the 2nd-5th grade can optionally participate in. The traditional school day has been extended to accommodate the MIE program. Currently the program serves 386 students in TK-5th Grade. 


         There are 18 part time Resident Artists and 3 Assistants currently on the MIE staff.  The MIE program is administered by the SGUSD Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, Samantha Theisen, Roosevelt Elementary Principal, Cheryl Wilson, and Assistant Principal, Ann Anderson (See STAFF page for more info)

   The Music Immersion Program at Roosevelt Elementary is supported by the San Gabriel Unified School District, and is free to the students. SGUSD considers the subject of Music to be a vital part of our students' well rounded education, and it is greatly supported by the school district on all levels. Additional Support through a grant has been generously provided by the D'Addario Foundation. 

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