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2024 Results
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1st Place: Zayne Daluz, McKinley
I love animals
I love animals. Animals are magical creatures and they can teach us more than we can teach them. I am happiest at the zoo with my parents.

2nd Place: Tara Wongsukrnun, McKinley
My Favorite Things
My favorite things are alicorns, blue color, Christmas, and my parents!

3rd Place: Mithran Anantharaj, Washington
I like Halloween because it is scary. I love Christmas because Santa gives gifts.

1st Grade

1st Place: Devon Leung, McKinley
Waiting for Stars
I want to go to the forest to see all the stars because I live in the city with many lights but few stars.

2nd Place: Luna Bullock, Washington
Pear of two
My artwork shows how much I love art and pears! I draw pears happy and colorful, just like art makes me feel.

2nd Grade

1st Place: Peini Han
Picnic time
Embrace nature and sunlight, set yourself free, and enjoy life.

2nd Place: Serena Ma, McKinley
极光 Aurora
I have never seen the aurora with my own eyes. This is the aurora I imagined and the colors I like. There are snow-capped mountains and trees in the distance, me holding a flashlight, and dots of fireflies.

3rd Grade

1st Place: Shu Yuan Jin, Roosevelt
This piece, Sunset, makes me feel comfortable and calm. It reminds me of going to the park with my mom, who is special to me.

2nd Place: Madeline Seloadji, Wilson
The time I went to Oahu, Hawaii with my family.

3rd Place: Lana Lien, McKinley
Trip to Space
I have always liked field trips with friends. My dream trip is to go to space with my best friend.

4th Grade

1st Place: Allison Lu, Wilson
Stay-up Family
After my brother was born, we had midnight family meetings. I love owls because they are wise and cute like my family.

2nd Place: Abbie Nguyen, Roosevelt
The Abbie Times
This banner tells about my school and personal life, my favorite things, and my personality. I worked hard on it!

5th Grade

1st Place: Emma Lien, McKinley
Perfect Scene
Inspired by my parents, this shows their support, care, and love for each other, and how they show love to me and my sister.

2nd Place: Louisa Borgeson, Coolidge
Beyond the Door
Soccer and art are my passions. The drawing shows these and my love for nature. "Beyond the Door" represents me and my story.

6th Grade

1st Place: Sydney Yau, Jefferson MS
Resilience, Hopes and Dreams
The Tokyo Tower symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit, reflecting my own journey of overcoming challenges and pursuing dreams with hope.

8th Grade

1st Place: Naiyelli Barahona, Jefferson MS
All of Me
This collage represents the things that matter to me and who I am, where I came from, and who I want to be.

10th Grade 

1st Place: Caitlin Wong, Gabrielino
Story In The Stars
This artwork shows parts of my life in the night sky, representing meaningful memories with admiration and happiness.

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