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Production Technology
+ Theater Management

"Welcome to our "House""

The Production Technology program focuses on 4 major components of stage technology including, sound, lighting, rigging and set design. Students will explore apprenticeship, higher education options, career training, and professional placement. Students will learn specialized vocabulary and reflect on design elements found in school and outside productions with design analysis and critiques. They will practice important skills such as Problem solving, leadership, team building, and working well under pressure and stress. The course includes practical, critical, and cultural content and will place an emphasis on creative expression, aesthetic valuing and the practical realization of various aspects of design.


Our Story

In 2023 Gabrielino High School launched a brand new course with some old school flair!

Production Technology is the evolution of Stagecraft, with an emphasis on the specific technical career opportunities available in live production. 

 We focus on the wide variety of skills acquired and their potential to be implemented in many different settings ranging from Music studios, performance Venues, convention centers and of course.. Theater.

We Acknowledge the Various Artistic Elements of this multi disciplined technical course and our

artistic contribution to a Diverse set of performing arts.

 We have aligned with the school's vision of

"building on the strengths, talents and passions of all students."

With our own Mission to support Gabrielino and SGUSD VAPA Programs equitably, "Pro-Tech" was born.

Meet The Team

Vince Lopez

Gabrielino High School Principal

Samantha Theisen

VAPA Administrator


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Pro-Tech courses resume in august.

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