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Virtual Showcase of the Arts

March 22-26, 2021

Theme: #SanGabrielExperience

Arts Week Logo Designed by Gabrielino Graphic Design Student, Lily Situ

Arts Week Promo Video Created by Gabrielino art student, Gabriel "Matt" Martinez

Schedule of Events

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Schedule of Events
Thank You To Our Sponsors and Supporters
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Arts Advocate Sponsors/Donors

McKinley Parents as Educational Partners (PEP)

Diana Jeong

Joanna Ward

Truong Family

Fan Xu

Kelly Ngo

Tim and Sandra Alley

Ruth Esseln

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The Performance Stage

Watch fantastic performances by Visual and Performance Arts programs, and creative classrooms across the San Gabriel Unified School District. 

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Del Mar High 

"Miscommunication in Education" See the State qualifying performance! With Ms. Kloster and the performers. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.33.09 PM.png

JMS Drama

Ms. Clark shares some amazing student projects!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 10.05.59

Elementary Music

Mr. Tranchina and Mr. Harb Present Amazing Student Projects

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 10.31.08

JMS Band

Meet Mr. Coyne, and hear the bands!

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.25.20 PM.png

JMS Orchestra

Collaboration with AUSD

"Game of Thrones" with Ms. Minwary, Ms. Quan and Mr. Kwon

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.38.31 PM.png

GHS Instrumental Music

Ms. Romero talks about some incredible student projects plus virtual performances!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 10.11.41

GHS Screamin' Eagles

Watch 6 top members of our 24 Time League Champion Speech and Debate Team perform live!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 2.05.38 PM.png

LA Opera Collaboration - The Edge of a Dream

GHS Art in Motion and Drama produced a virtual opera! 

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.30.48 PM.png

JMS Choir

Ms. Chew shares the debut performance of "The Moon" Plus 

January Jammin' Party Virtual Concert

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.41.14 PM.png

GHS Drama

Student Directed Projects

JC Gafford and students shares the latest creative projects from GHS Drama

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 10.21.21

GHS Choir

Mr. Pitts and Choir members talk shop and share some music!

The Art Gallery

Explore artwork from San Gabriel Unified's creative classrooms! Visit a a virtual gallery, flip through a slide show, or listen to the artists talk about their work!

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.42.54 PM.png

GHS Visual Art

The Classes of Ms. Terri Hopper - Graphic Design, Ceramics, Intro to Art

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 2.27.27 PM.png

GHS Visual Art

The Classes of Mr. Emmett Suess-

Advanced Art, Draw/Paint, Intro to Art

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.47.50 PM.png

McKinley and Roosevelt Artists Galleries

With special guest, Ms. Yasmin Maestro!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 2.31.53 PM.png

JMS Visual Art

The Classes of Mr. Stephen Parise- 6th Grade Enrichment, Intermediate and Advanced Art

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 7.02.28 PM.png

GHS Visual Art

The Classes of Mx. Kat Ross- AP Studio Art, Printmaking, Art in Motion, Intro to Art

Afternoon Showcase

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.32.55 PM.png

Promoting Creativity - STEM and Design Based Learning

Whitney Roth, STEM teacher at McKinley, and Dave Cameron, Science teacher at GHS, talk to us about their work. 

Acrylic Pour 1.jpg

Arts and Crafts Lesson!

Learn to do Acrylic Pouring with Tracey Pinedo

Open Mic 

An eclectic mix of arts and entertainment, featuring the artistic works of SGUSD students and their families.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.46.19 PM.png

Monday, March 22

Elementary Students 

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.50.56 PM.png

Wednesday, March 24

Middle and High School Students

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.53.21 PM.png

Friday, March 26

Elementary Students and their Families

Watch the Recorded Segment

Informative Webinars


Community Partner Showcase

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.10.28 PM.png

SG Public Library

Meet Joanna Ward and learn all about our public library serves our community!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.20.51 PM.png

Saturday Conservatory of Music

Meet Sue Raymond, and Pearly Mautner and learn all about this amazing organization that provides affordable music lessons to our community

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.14.20 PM.png

San Gabriel Valley Musical Theatre

Meet Bobby Hundley and find out all about the SGVMT and see their latest virtual production!

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.28.16 PM.png

San Gabriel Education Foundation

Meet Board Members: Allison DeVriendt, Rosiris Panagua, and Robert Bringas, Jr., and learn all about how SEF supports SGUSD

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.16.09 PM.png

LA Arts Group

Meet Cammy Truong, Founder and Director of this Arts Organization that serves our schools!

Art Contest - #SanGabrielExperience

Art Contest
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