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Monday, March 22, 2021 - Schedule


Opening Ceremony

8:45 AM

Join us this morning for the Opening Ceremony!

We will provide an overview of the week's events, and more..

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The Art Gallery - Gabrielino HS Visual Art

Ms. Terri Hopper's Classes: Graphic Design, Ceramics, Intro to Art

10:15 AM

Ms. Terri Hopper joins us from Gabrielino to talk about her classes, and share the fantastic work of her students.   


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Open Mic

11:15 AM

Celebrate the immense creativity of the San Gabriel Unified Students! Today's Open Mic segment will feature the following elementary students (subject to change): 

  • Sophia L

  • Maite L

  • Jordyn S

  • Aiden S

  • Madeline S

  • Max T

  • Snow T

  • Benjamin T

  • Evelyn T

  • Emma W


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Performance Stage - Part I: Del Mar High School "Miscommunication in Education."  Part II: Jefferson Middle School Drama Class

2:15 PM

Today's Performance Stage segment will feature:

  • Part I: Del Mar High School: "Miscommunication in Education" Students Gia Gallo and Yarelly Morales present in skit form, their research on Native American Boarding Schools. 

  • Part II: Jefferson Middle School Drama Student work presented by Ms. Lynn Clark, Teacher

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Community Partner Showcase: San Gabriel Public Library

3:15 PM

Did you know that the public library offers SO much more than just books? Meet Joanna Ward, one of the great people who run our fantastic public library, and find out about all the different services they offer, as well as the many ways they support the arts in San Gabriel!

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Performance Stage - Jefferson Middle School Orchestra: Collaboration with Alhambra USD

4:15 PM

Esther Minwary (Jefferson Middle School Orchestra) and Jennifer Quan (Alhambra Unified Orchestra teacher) brought their students together for an online, virtual collaboration. Meet them both and find out what they created! 

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Special Webinar: Inside VAPA in SGUSD

7:00 PM

Learn all about the award winning Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Programs in San Gabriel Unified, and meet the staff who make these programs come to life!


Webinar participants will have the chance to ask questions and get answers.  Join us!  

Watch the Recorded Segment

Inside VAPA in SGUSD
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