Day 1 - Monday, March 22

Schedule of Events

Arts Week Logo Designed by Gabrielino Graphic Design Student, Lily Situ

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Opening Ceremony

8:45 AM

Join us this morning for the Opening Ceremony!

We will provide an overview of the week's events, and more..

The Art Gallery - Gabrielino HS Art Students

10:15 AM

Today's Art Gallery features the Visual Art students of Gabrielino High School

(More details to come)

Open Mic

11:15 AM

Celebrate the immense creativity of the San Gabriel Unified Students! Today's Open Mic segment will feature the following students (subject to change): 

  • Jordyn Saunders, Coolidge Elementary

  • Clara Gray, Coolidge Elementary

  • Kylie Lam, McKinley Elementary

  • Sophia Le, McKinley Elementary

  • Emma Limas, McKinley Elementary

  • Max Theisen, Roosevelt Elementary

  • Miguel Velazquez, Roosevelt Elementary

  • Maite Lopez, Roosevelt Elementary

  • Emma Wang, Washington Elementary

  • Benjamin Tsai, Wilson Elementary

  • Evelyn Tsai, Wilson Eloementary


Performance Stage - JMS Drama and Del Mar History Day

2:15 PM

Today's Performance Stage segment will feature:

  • Drama Students at Jefferson Middle School - Lynn Clark, Teacher

  • History Day at Del Mar High - Kady Kloster, Teacher

Community Partner Showcase: San Gabriel Public Library

3:15 PM

Did you know that the public library offers SO much more than just books? Meet Julie Sorenson and Joanna Ward, two of the people who run our fantastic public library, and find out about all the different services they offer, as well as the many ways they support the arts in San Gabriel!

Performance Stage - GHS Drama 

4:15 PM

It appeared without warning on a Monday, its origins shrouded in mystery. A week later, it had vanished without a trace. But across the days between, it changed cafeteria life in ways that no one could have imagined. It was a microwave oven, so ancient and decrepit that some believed it to have come from an Egyptian pyramid. Now, in a series of hilarious monologues, its story will finally be told. 

Performance by the Gabrielino High School Drama Students under the direction of JC Gafford. 

Special Webinar Series #1 - VAPA in SGUSD

7:00 PM

Learn all about the award winning Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Programs in San Gabriel Unified, and meet the staff who make these programs come to life!


Webinar participants will have the chance to ask questions and get answers.  Join us!  

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San Gabriel Unified School District 

Visual and Performing Arts

408 Juniperro Serra Drive

San Gabriel, CA 91776