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Thursday, March 25, 2021 Schedule


Art Gallery - Gabrielino HS Visual Art

Mr. Emmett Suess' Classes: Advanced Art, Draw/Paint, Intro to Art 

8:45 AM

Meet Mr. Emmett Seuss and some of his students during this segment where we feature more of the great work from our high school artists

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The Performance Stage - JMS Band

10:15 AM

This morning's Performance Stage segment features our wonderful concert band program at Jefferson Middle School, under the direction of Mr. Nate Coyne! Today we talked about teaching band virtually, heard the 6th Grade Band's phenomenal first concert, and watched the 7th/8th grade virtual concert as well.  

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Art Gallery - JMS Art Students

11:15 AM

Today's Art Gallery segment will feature the classes of Mr. Stephen Parise, Visual Art teacher at Jefferson Middle School.  Learn about the options for Art electives at JMS and enjoy seeing the creativity and skill of these great students!

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Afternoon Showcase - Promoting Creativity:

Design Based Learning and STEM in the classroom

2:15 PM

Part I: Many of our SGUSD teachers use Design Based Learning (DBL) Method in their classrooms to promote Creative Thinking skills.  Dave Cameron, Science teacher at Gabrielino HS will share how he uses DBL in his classroom. 

McKinley Elementary STEM teacher, Whitney Roth will share  her program, and showcase some of her student work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, as well as how the Arts is threaded throughout.  

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Community Partner Showcase: San Gabriel Education Foundation

3:15 PM

Our San Gabriel Education Foundation has been a supporter of our district and provider of amazing opportunities for our students for many years.  During today's Community Partners segment, we will talk to SEF president, Alison DeVriendt, and Vice President, Rosiris Paniagua about what SEF offers our community and their upcoming Art Exhibition! 

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Special Webinar - Why Arts?  A Conversation with Dr. Frank Heuser, and Evelyn Serrano 

4:15 PM

Dr. Frank Heuser is the head of the Music Education Department at UCLA. His vast history of research, and experience as an arts educator has made him one of the preeminent advisors, presenters, and consultants in the field of arts education.  

Evelyn Serrano is an LA-based, Cuban experimental multimedia artist, educator and independent curator working at the intersection of creative placemaking, memory, community engagement, activism, and future thinking. She is a professor at California Insitute of the Arts, and is the Arts Integration Director at the Los Feliz Charter School of the Arts. 

Together, we will discuss the myriad of benefits that come with studying the arts through the following topics: 

  1. "These are My People" - recent dissertations on participating in the arts. 

  2. Arts and Wellness

  3. Components of Artistic Citizenship

We hope you can join us for this important conversation! 

Watch the Recording

Why Arts? A Coversation with Frank Heuser and Evelyn Serrano
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