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Friday, March 26, 2021 Schedule

Arts and Crafts Lesson -  Let's Get Creative!

9:15 AM

Learn to do Acrylic Pouring with Tracey Pinedo! 

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Art Contest Results and Gallery Presentation

10:15 AM

Art Contest Co-Chairs Jill Redding, and Vanessa Pinedo will announce the winners of the first annual Art Contest!  Afterward, we will take you through the SGUSD virtual Art Gallery featuring ALL of the Art Contest submissions.  

Congratulations to everyone! 

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Open Mic

11:15 AM

Celebrate the immense creativity of the San Gabriel Unified Students! Today's Open Mic segment will feature the following students (subject to change): 

  • Linette B

  • Andy and Samantha J

  • Sophie L

  • Paxton L

  • Alani Medina C

  • Celine T

  • Miguel V

  • Robin Y

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Performance Stage - LA Opera Collaboration

12:15 PM

Students in our Art in Motion Class (Mx. Kat Ross, teacher) and Drama (Mr. JC Gafford, teacher) had the opportunity to collaborate with the LA Opera and produced this virtual recreation of the opera, The Edge of a Dream.  

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Performance Stage - Microwave in the Cafeteria

1:15 PM

It appeared without warning on a Monday, its origins shrouded in mystery. A week later, it had vanished without a trace. But across the days between, it changed cafeteria life in ways that no one could have imagined. It was a microwave oven, so ancient and decrepit that some believed it to have come from an Egyptian pyramid. Now, in a series of hilarious monologues, its story will finally be told. 

Performance by the Gabrielino High School Drama Students under the direction of JC Gafford. 

This segment no longer available to watch due to copyright

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