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Tuesday, March 23, 2021 Schedule


Art Gallery - McKinley and Roosevelt Elementary Artists

8:45 AM

  • Celebrate the creativity of the fantastic students and teachers in SGUSD!  Today's Art Gallery segment features the work of 2nd Graders at McKinley Elementary School organized by Ms. Lynn Fisher, teacher.  And Ms. Yasmin Maestro will talk to us about the art project she conducted with Roosevelt Elementary Students! 

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Performance Stage - Part I: Jefferson Middle School Choir, Part II: Jammin' January Party (featuring the entire JMS Music Program

10:15 AM

  • Part I: Hear the beautiful sounds of one of the best middle school choirs around - our own Jefferson Middle School Choir under the direction of Rachel Chew. 

  • Part II: Enjoy a replay of the fantastic virtual concert created by our Jefferson Middle School Music Program - Jammin' January Party!

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Community Partner Showcase - San Gabriel Valley Musical Theatre

11:15 AM

Bobby Hundley is the executive director of the San Gabriel Valley Musical Theatre non-profit, which is an organization that provides professional public performances, as well as education for youth in our area. In addition, Mr. Hundley is a parent in our district, and serves on our VAPA Advisory Council.  Find out more about this wonderful organization, and our collaborations.  

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Performance Stage - GHS Instrumental Music

2:15 PM

Today's Performance Stage segment will feature our amazing music students at GHS under the direction of Ms. Melissa Romero

  • Gabrielino High School Instrumental Music Special Projects

  • Orchestra and Marching Band Virtual Concert

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Art Gallery - Gabrielino HS Visual Art Students

Mx. Kat Ross' Classes: AP Studio Art, Art in Motion, Printmaking, Intro to Art

3:15 PM

Gabrielino High School Art Teacher, Mx. Kat Ross joins us today to present the amazing artistry of her students!

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Community Partner Showcase - Los Angeles Arts Group

4:15 PM

Meet founder and director of the Los Angeles Arts Group, Cammy Truong, who happens to also be an SGUSD parent and VAPA Advisory Council member.  Find out about our future collaborations which will bring arts education to our students! 

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Performance Stage: GHS Drama Student Driven  Projects

5:15 pm

Gabrielino High School Drama Teacher, JC Gafford, along with some of his students join us today to share some of their' recent projects and teaching drama in a virtual setting. 

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